’50 Years Legal’ screening in London

’50 Years Legal’ screening in London

’50 Years Legal’ had its first screening since being completed on Tuesday 27th June, it was an exclusive screening for cast and crew. Premiere attended with a handful of clients and we were all very impressed.

Sky TV were also impressed and have bought the rights to show 50 Years Legal on Sky Arts in July to mark the 50 year anniversary of decriminalising homosexuality.

There is also interest from Picadilo UK for home entertainment rights in the UK.

Through interviews with gay celebrities in every walk of life, and through archive material, this SEIS Creative feature length documentary will explore the changes that have taken place since the decriminalisation of homosexuality and the influence that gay culture has had on society in general.

Traile of 50 Years Legal

50 Years Legal will be shown on Sky Arts on July 27th and the book of the movie will be published the same day.

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