‘Absolutely Anything’ to be released in cinemas August 14th

‘Absolutely Anything’ to be released in cinemas August 14th

Premiere is pleased and excited to announce that ‘Absolutely Anything’ has been delivered and will be screening in UK cinemas from the 14th August.

The story follows teacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) who is randomly given immense power by a group of aliens, and disappointingly does what we are sure many of us would do and uses his power to perfect his life, or so he thinks.

What Neil doesn?t realise is the aliens, voiced by director Terry Jones and the Monty Python crew John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin, gave him his power as a test, and shall decide whether planet Earth shall live or die based on his actions.

Will Neil undo the damage he has done before it is too late for planet Earth? Will he win the heart of Catherine (Kate Beckinsdale)? And will he kill yappy Dennis (voiced by the late Robin Williams) the now talking dog in the process? You?ll have to see it to find out!


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