?The Bet? enters post-production

?The Bet? enters post-production

We are pleased to announce that ?The Bet? (previously known as ?Aftershocks?) is now in post-production, with an anticipated release for 2018.

This comedy-drama; written and directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin (?If I Were You? and ?Happily Ever After?) stars Natasha Little (?The Night Manager? and??Thirteen?), Douglas Hodge (Tony winner for??La Cage Aux Folles?), and Colin Salmon (?Limitless? and??Die Another Day?).

The bet follows the cruel story of a woman (Natasha Little) who makes a bet with her husband (Colin Salmon) that she can get the next man she sees to propose to her.? The subject of this experiment is Albert (Douglas Hodge), a lonely man who comes to life when he believes this wonderful woman is in love with him, only to discover that he?s been tricked.

On the topic of the films cast, writer-director Joan Carr-Wiggin said: ?Natasha Little, Douglas Hodge, and Colin Salmon are any director?s dream cast, and we?re thrilled to have them on board.? They are all equally adept at comedy and drama and are perfect to bring these complex roles to life.?


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