?The Comedian’s Guide to Survival? preview at ?Just for Laughs?

?The Comedian’s Guide to Survival? preview at ?Just for Laughs?

Cp0trY3W8AAb-PQWe are excited to reveal that ?The Comedian’s Guide to Survival? will be previewing exclusively at the ?Just For Laughs? comedy festival in Montreal, Canada on July 29th at 7pm.

The eagerly awaited British comedy features ?The Inbetweeners? star James Buckley, whom takes the lead as failing comedian James Mullinger. Based on Mullinger?s real life, we follow him as he ditches his perfect life as an editor for GQ and hobnobbing with royalty to embark on a painfully slow journey to stand up success and everything in-between.

With cameos from a plethora of famous faces (including Myanna Buring, Jimmy Carr and Tim McInnerny to name a few) and endless gags and one liners, ?The Comedian’s Guide to Survival? is a must see this year.

James Mullinger himself, director Mark Murphy and ?Nasty Show? host Mike Ward (who also appears in the film) will not only be in attendance but partaking in a Q&A after the screening, to buy tickets click here.



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