Create an alternative poster for ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’

Create an alternative poster for ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’

1200To celebrate the release of ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’?on Blu-ray, DVD & VOD on Monday 20th February (the film is out to download now!), we have teamed up with Poster Spy to invite artists and designers to create an alternative poster for the film.

A dazzlingly original, darkly funny, disturbing and inventive thriller from director Billy O?Brien (‘Isolation’) ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’?stars Max Records (‘Where The Wild Things Are’) as a diagnosed sociopath who is obsessed with serial killers but committed to not becoming one so lives by rules to keep him ?good? and ?normal?. But when someone starts murdering people in his small town, he has to investigate and risk letting his own dark side out in order to stop the killer. But without his rules to keep him in check he might be more dangerous than the monster he is stalking. As the icy winter tightens its grip on the community a deadly supernatural game of cat and mouse ensues?

The film is based on the cult book by Dan Wells and also stars Christopher Lloyd (‘Back To The Future’) and Laura Fraser (‘Breaking Bad’) and is shot by award-winning cinematographer Robbie Ryan (‘American Honey’).

Artists/designers are free to explore their own style and interpret the film in any way they feel is appropriate. Perhaps the film?s unique blend of genres, striking visuals or cult/retro sensibilities will spark inspiration in you? Visit PosterSpy now for more info on the contest – which is open til Weds 22nd February and could win you a copy of the film or a cash prize!

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