Don?t miss ?Sparks & Embers? this Christmas

Don?t miss ?Sparks & Embers? this Christmas

One Christmas tradition everyone is guilty of enjoying is indulging in a soppy romantic comedy, so luckily for us all ?Sparks & Embers? is due for release on the 18th December.

Sparks & Embers; featuring ?Love Actually? star Kris Marshall is set in London?s scenic South Bank, and follows the love story of Tom and Eloise.

Being trapped in a lift with the person who has just fired you is never ideal, unless you can?t help but fall in love with that someone, which was the case for Tom and Eloise. Fast forward five years to London?s picturesque South Bank, Eloise is telling Tom that she is moving back to France immediately, the question is will he win her back before it?s too late?

Be sure not to miss ?Sparks & Embers? this Christmas.


Claire Gerrard

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