?In Extremis? to world premiere at East End Film Fest

?In Extremis? to world premiere at East End Film Fest

We are excited to share that our film??In Extremis??will world premiere at the East End Film Festival on Saturday 17th June 2017. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A session.?Click here?to book tickets for the event.

?In Extremis? sees Alex (David O?Hara) drift aimlessly through his job in the City. Underneath his sharp suit and calm demeanour, something is amiss. Inexplicably deciding to leave work early one day, his return home to his wife (Lisa Gormley) and child (Isabelle Allen) has?unforeseen, terrifying results.

Arriving at his countryside home, a dark storm begins to brew on the horizon. Soon, reality, time and memory blur, and?terrifying visions begin to plague them.?Alex faces to accept that every parent?s worst nightmare may be about to pass.


Claire Gerrard

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