Bulldog Release Liverpool Music Documentary ‘Get Back’ Today!

Bulldog Release Liverpool Music Documentary ‘Get Back’ Today!

Get Back Release

‘Get Back’ places Liverpool centre stage as Music Capital of the UK once again.

We are thrilled to announce our sister-company Bulldog Film Distribution’s release of?Liverpool Music Documentary ‘Get Back’.

The 90min-length documentary features definitive interviews and live performances from bands, club owners and managers, including previously unseen footage of Sir Paul McCartney.

The film tells the untold story of a music revolution that changed the world forever. The Beatles. Four mop haired young men from Liverpool who changed the world. The end? Wrong! The Pop music revolution that went on to rock the world and change society forever, didn?t begin ? or end ? with the Beatles alone!

It’s story of a city where literally thousands of bands and artists, hundreds of clubs, promoters and managers put on the biggest, loudest and longest party in history. Despite the many popular myths and the attempts to airbrush the truth from music history, the beat is live and kicking and stronger than ever in the city that gave birth to it all.

This highly informative documentary is comprised of archive footage and numerous talking heads from the players to the soothsayers, the dream-makers to the scream-takers. In total it all soundtracks the effervescent carpe diem of ?Liverpool people living like it?s their last day on Earth?. Liverpool: city of sound, sound city. 5/5 – MUSIC NEWS

Get Back is out today on DVD and Digital HD Instant Video
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