Jamie Bacon to play lead in ?The Great Getaway?

Jamie Bacon to play lead in ?The Great Getaway?

English?actor Jamie Bacon (?The Hoarder?) is set to play?the lead in our new film about Bonnie Prince Charlie, ?The Great Getaway?.

The project was originally due to start filming last month but executive producer Robbie Moffat delayed the process in order to find his perfect leading male.?wp6c03ff5c_05_06

“The money’s in place, it’s about getting the right actor and that’s how it’s been for a couple of months,” he said.

Other names attached to the feature include Mhairi Clavey (?Braveheart?) who is confirmed, Peter Mullen (?Trainspotting?) who is a strong possibility and rumours of James Cosmo (?The Chronicles of Narnia?) also potentially getting on board.

The multi-million pound production is due to be filmed at various locations across Scotland according to Moffat, which are sure to be as carefully?chosen as his leading cast list. One particular location; for a major fight scene, is anticipated to be shot in Dumfries and Galloway with over 500 extras.

?The Great Getaway? follows the Young Pretender’s flight to the isles after defeat at Culloden.


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