‘Lavender’ filming underway

‘Lavender’ filming underway

We are excited to announce that the filming of new film ‘Lavender’ officially commenced on the 28th May, in Toronto. Lavender has also recently been presented to buyers for the first time at the Abbie CornishCannes Film Festival and will be in production for the next several months.

Abbie Cornish, starring as leading lady ‘Jane’ has been very vocal about her enjoyment of filming the psychological thriller, filling Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages with quotes and images.

On Twitter she posted ?I leave on Friday to start shooting LAVENDER. I can?t wait. It?s a cool flick.? and pictured, left, on Instagram she gave us a sneak peak of her character captioning the image: ?Jane. #LavenderTheMovie?.

The film also stars Dermot Mulroney, best known for his parts in ?My Best Friend?s wedding? and ?The Grey?.


Claire Gerrard

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