?Looking for Lennon? Gala Screening

?Looking for Lennon? Gala Screening

On Thursday 27th April we attended the eagerly anticipated Gala Screening of our SEIS Productions Limited documentary ?Looking for Lennon? at F.A.C.T. Cinema in Liverpool.

We began the evening with drinks in the F.A.C.T. bar, where we also had the opportunity to admire the impressive Lennon exhibition sculptures and art display, which comprised of sculptures of Lennon from a young boy to a grown man.

Before the screening commenced there were several speeches and some ambient acoustic singing and guitar playing; Beatles tunes of course!

It?s safe to say from the hearty applause that the audience approved, and many said they thoroughly enjoyed the fact the documentary told the story of John?s life from birth to fame, the side of John we rarely hear about.

There was a fantastic post screening after party at Latin Venue Alma De Cuba which ended the evening on a wonderful note.


Claire Gerrard

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