‘Macbeth’ in production

‘Macbeth’ in production

Premiere are pleased to reveal that ‘Macbeth’ is now in production. This adaption is being filmed in Yorkshire and will be directed by Kit Monkman, who has impressive titles to his name such as ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ and ‘Dead Man Running’ and will star newcomers Mark Rowley and Akiya Henry.

Rowley was not afraid to share his excitement either, tweeting:

tweet 2

‘Macbeth’ is most famous for being Shakespeare?s shortest tragedy, telling the tale of the life of Scottish general Macbeth, and how greed and ambition lead him down a dark path that would ultimately see him murder for power.

We are excited to see how GSP Studios put their twist on this famous tale. To follow the ‘Macbeth’ journey add?them on?Facebook?and?Twitter.


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