Mission London iTunes release

Mission London iTunes release

We are thrilled to announce that our film Mission London is now available to download on iTunes!

Judging by the weather forecast just in time for what is looking like a movie watching type of weekend and topical too if the media are to be believed about the hordes of Bulgarians arriving in the UK?

This is the film that beat Avatar at the box office and remains one of the highest grossing films (in Bulgaria), so well worth a watch!

Genre: Comedy

Plot Summary: When Varadin, the Bulgarian ambassador, arrives at his new posting in London, a few days earlier than expected, he finds the embassy in disarray. Not only are there signs of all-night partying, but the staff have done nothing to progress a planned concert to celebrate Bulgaria?s accession into the EU. Under pressure from Madame Selianska, the President?s wife and a patron of the event, Varadin?s political standing rests on him ensuring the Queen attends the concert. film.


Claire Gerrard

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