New releases from Bulldog: ?Hope Lost? and ?Safelight?

New releases from Bulldog: ?Hope Lost? and ?Safelight?

Our sister company; Bulldog Film Distribution, has recently released two exciting titles ?Hope Lost? and ?Safelight?. ?Hope Lost? was released in March, and is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, and ?Safelight? which donned a theatrical release in April, is currently still showing in a number of cinemas & available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


?Hope Lost? follows Sofia, a young girl from a dull background who dreams of the bright lights and becoming an actress. She meets Gabriel (Andrey Chemyshov) at a club one evening who claims to be a producer & wants to cast Sofia in a TV show he?s filming in Italy.

Sadly it?s a trap Sofia falls hook, line and sinker for and of course there is no TV show, but rather two aggressive pimps; Manol (Michael Madsen) and Marius (Danny Trejo), whom she has been sold to and waste no time in forcing her into prostitution. Sofia?s only glimmer of hope is her friendship with Alina (Mischa Barton) and fellow victim Eva.

Things get darker with the arrival of Ettore (Daniel Baldwin) who makes a deal with the pimps to sell the girls off again to the highest bidder, this time to star in a snuff movie commissioned by a very rich and dangerous buyer.? Will it be a fairy tale ending for Sofia? You?ll have to see it to find out!

Then on a lighter note there?s ?Safelight? an endearing romantic drama about two young strangers who go on a spontaneous adventure together and rediscover life on the road in the 1970?s. Starring Evan Peters, Juno Peters and Kevin Alejandro this feel good RomCom directed by Tony Aloupis has something for everyone to enjoy.


Claire Gerrard

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