Online release of ?The Battle of Dunkirk?

Online release of ?The Battle of Dunkirk?

We?re excited to share that our latest SEIS documentary ?The Battle of Dunkirk? has been released on multiple online platforms.

It is currently available to purchase on:


Google Play! 😕


Vimeo on Demand:?


Movie Zyng:?

Microsoft Xbox:?


This insightful documentary follows the events that unfolded in the Battle of Dunkirk, which remain one of the greatest stories in human history. In May 1940, overpowered by the Nazis in mainland Europe, over half a million British and French soldiers faced annihilation and were forced to retreat to the rubble that remained in the French shores.

Operation Dynamo was the biggest military evacuation in history. In a race against time ? over 800 defenseless boats crossed the English Channel to rescue the stranded soldiers from the inferno at the beaches of Dunkirk as German troops closed in.

Relive the events that inspired the 2017 Academy Award? nominated DUNKIRK through the testimony of veterans that fought in the battle, including Henry Arnold George Garrett, Jeff Haward, Arthur Taylor, Alfred Smith, Edward Oates and civilian Elizabeth Barry. Witness their extraordinary personal bravery? from moments of fear and chaos to their uplifting stories of heroism in a battle that changed the course of World War II.

In other news, the distributor is currently at the Berlin Film Festival meeting with potential broadcasters, we will keep you updated on further progress.


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