Our latest available SEIS projects

Our latest available SEIS projects

After informing you on our fully financed projects, we felt it imperative to also share our projects with opportunities still available. If any of the below projects interest you, and you?d like more information, please call or email us.

Trashed CoverTrashed (Going into production shortly)

A 6 part documentary series where Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution.

SEIS Media Distribution & Media Promotions?

SEIS Media Marketing will provide marketing and publicity services to distributors that have acquired the UK distribution rights to feature films and documentaries with a strong market appeal.

HTHHunting the Hunters (Going into production shortly)

The African rhino population is being hunted to extinction by poachers due to the absurd value of rhino horn in certain markets. . Using interviews and undercover filming, infrared cameras and drone footage, this TV series investigates the problem and its causes, and what can and is being done to fight this illegal trade.

SEIS Entertainment?

SEIS Entertainment is a ?lm sales agent and will provide sales and marketing services to producers that own the international distribution rights to feature films and documentaries with a strong market appeal.

WMCJ Front PageWhite Men Can Jump?

The riches-to-rags tale of Eddie Kidd, daredevil extraordinaire, who, having lived a fantastical life of adventure, must now struggle with the pain of reality after being paralysed in a horrific stunt that went fatally wrong.

Ghost Road?

A fun Indian road trip?turns into a living nightmare when five friends are stalked by an evil truck driver hell-bent on murder and ritual sacrifice in order to wreak revenge for deadly sins in a past life and break the vicious cycle of reincarnation for his tormented soul.





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