Date: 10 Jun 2015
Cat: Documentary

In Space

In Space - Documentary

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David Michael Williamson (Narrator)

Xaver Hutter Matt Taylor
Jean-Yves Le Gall
Wolfgang Baumjohann
Johann-Dietrich W?rner
Thomas Reiter
Jean-Jaques Dordain


Brigitte Wettstein
G?nther Mitterhuber
Harald Posch
Marcus Searancke


G?nther Mitterhuber
Hannes Michael Schalle


Hannes M. Schalle


Space / Science / Documentary




In Space?unveils the history of modern space research and takes a look at the next expected steps of space exploration for mankind including Virgin Galactic.

This documentary not only includes unseen footage but it also looks at space travel from a unique angle – the human element.

The exploration of space and the vast universe around us, might on the surface appear a cold, scientific and thus unemotional but this documentary will reveal otherwise. This film unearths the human side of space travel, the hidden heroes, the brilliant minds and the new faces
of space exploration.

Hannes Schalle, the writer and director of this project, is an experienced film and television producer who has recently completed a documentary on the formula one driver Niki Lauda called ?33 days? which has received high critical acclaim.