Date: 09 Oct 2014
Cat: Crime, Thriller


Pimp Premiere Capital

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Robert Cavanah
Danny Dyer
Billy Boyd
Barbara Nedeljakova
Wil Johnson


Jason Piette
Adam Betteridge
Michael Cowan
Robert Cavanah


Jon Kirby
Robert Cavanah


Robert Cavanagh


Crime / Drama / Thriller




A week in the life of Woody; a Soho pimp, as seen through the eyes of concealed documentary cameras: A week which spirals brutally out of control.

Woody works for Stanley as a pimp, hustler, fixer and sex industry captain in London ‘s Soho. Woody agrees to be followed and filmed by a documentary camera unit so that they can record a week in his life, but this turns out to be no ordinary week:

It’s a week in which one of his porn directors is losing money; he’s kicked out of his apartment for not paying rent; he’s beaten up by his landlord and then by Chinese thugs as they start to encroach onto Stanley’s territory.

However, these are the least of his problems when Petra goes missing and he’s shown what appears to be a snuff movie featuring another of his girls who disappeared several months ago. Stanley gives him a beautiful new Chinese girl to break in called BO, and Woody finds himself starting to question his whole life; a life he now finds is in serious peril.