Date: 07 Nov 2014
Cat: Thriller

Plato’s Breaking Point

Plato's Breaking Point

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Jose Ferreira
Delphine Lanson
Nabil Elouhabi


Ian O’Brien
Melloney Roffe
Jonathan Weissler


Nigel Roffe Barker






Raoul and Plato are best friends. They are both members of an effective criminal organisation and are seemingly untouchable. As a result, the Police assign them round the clock surveillance. When a surveillance officer begins to harass Plato, Plato begins to lose control. His relationship with his girlfriend becomes affected and he starts to have a nervous breakdown, culminating in an epileptic fit while in police custody. Infuriated that Raoul seems to have left him to suffer alone, Plato insults their boss Hourihane and gets pushed out of the close-knit organisation. He vows to take revenge and buys a gun to prove he means business, confessing he wants to kill a cop. Raoul, meanwhile, manages to find relief from his chaotic personal life, when he meets Raine, who brings the order and love he craves back into his life…