Date: 09 Oct 2014
Cat: Comedy, Drama

The Joneses

The Joneses Premiere Capital

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Demi Moore
David Duchovny
Amber Heard
Ben Hollingsworth


Doug Mankoff
Andrew Spaulding
Kristi Zea
Derrick Borte


Randy Dinzler
Derrick Borte


Derrick Borte


Drama / Comedy


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Steve Jones (David Duchovny), his wife Kate (Demi Moore) and their children Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth) move into their home in an affluent suburb in America. Friendly, confident and very good-looking, they are also loaded with the coolest, newest stuff.

Within days, all four family members have insinuated their way into the community. Their most dedicated fans are their next-door neighbours Larry and Summer, a couple devoted to each other yet prone to keeping secrets as well. Despite the Joneses? success integrating into the community, it?s not long before the fissures in their family begin to spew. But it?s not until an outright catastrophe occurs next door that they are forced to make choices about their priorities.

2010 – Deauville Film Festival
Nominated:?Grand Special Prize (Derrick Borte)