Sovereign Corporate

An established, innovative and commercial media business opportunity, now in its 9th year.

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How does it work?

Sovereign Corporate is a commercial business opportunity that enables owner-managed companies to diversify into film rights trading with the view to generating additional revenue. Sovereign Corporate was developed in conjunction with leading legal advisors and accountants.

Become a member

The company will become a member of a limited liability partnership (LLP).

Acquire rights

The limited liability partnership will acquire film distribution rights.

Sell rights

The limited liability partnership will sell the rights whilst retaining a share of the future distribution income.

How will it benefit me?

Income from Films

A share of all returns

generated from the exploitation of all film rights held by your limited liability partnership (including revenue from cinema release, DVDs and Video on Demand).

Unlimited upside

– i.e. we do not cap your returns from the limited liability partnership’s films.

Why is it different?


Sovereign Corporate is a commercial business opportunity, administered by experienced professionals.


We work with recognised industry professionals such as DLA Piper and Reed Smith to develop effective solutions.


Premiere Picture has been established in the film industry for 20 years and has assisted in the funding of over 100 films.


The Group includes qualified accountants and a professional media team with a successful track record in film production, funding and distribution.

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