?Property of the State? released across UK & Ireland this week

?Property of the State? released across UK & Ireland this week

The release of our drama ?Property of the State? is finally here, as it sets to launch this Friday 27th October across the UK & Ireland.

?Property of the State? is based on the real life diaries of Ann Marie O?Donnell; a woman who must deal with the devastating effects of having a murderer for a brother. It delves into how the misdiagnosis of troubled behaviour at an early age, poor care of persons with a mental illness, and domestic and institutional abuse could combine and create the perfect cocktail for disaster.

?Property of the State? was made in Northern Ireland with filming taking place at Shackleton Studios at Ballykelly and the surrounding areas from October 2015. The film features a strong cast of rising stars such as Aisling Loftus (?War and Peace?, ?Mr. Selfridge?) as Ann Marie O?Donnell and Patrick Gibson (?What Richard Did?) as her brother Brendan.

On the film, proud director Kit Ryan said: ?This true story is tragic on many levels, from those directly impacted, to those who judged from afar. Ann Marie found herself in a conflicted and confusing space, caught between family and the tragic acts perpetrated by her brother. She also found herself as the point of much admonishment and abuse and accused of being guilty by family association. The tragedy is that the effects of mental illness are as internationally relevant today as they were in the 1990s.?


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