Actor Steven Ogg during the filming of Solis at GSP Studios, York. 14/12/16 Photo by Chris Lopez

?Solis? now in post-production

We can officially confirm that our sci-fi thriller ?Solis? is now in post-production. Due to the Sci-Fi genre trending ?Solis? has generated lots of interest in the market place.

?Solis??stars?Steven Ogg, best known for roles in??The Walking Dead??and??Westworld?,?as Troy Holloway, a man who finds himself trapped aboard an escape pod hurtling toward the sun.

With rapid oxygen depletion and a fast-approaching burn-up rate, a rescue party led by Commander Roberts is sent to save Holloway before time runs out. Having recently lost his son, Holloway questions his survival, but Roberts is determined to save his life. Through this journey, the pair discover their lives are intertwined in unexpected ways.


Claire Gerrard

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