Special screenings of ‘Await Further instructions’

Due to its UK Cinema and VOD release set for the 7th December, we can confirm that there will be two special screenings of ‘Await Further Instructions’ and tickets are now on sale. One is to be held on the 11th December in York at Everyman Cinema York where there will be a Q&A with producer Jack Tarling and writer Gavin Williams. The other screening is to be held on the 12th December in London At Everyman Screen on the Green, the film will also be followed by a live Q&A with producer Jack Tarling and director Johnny Kevorkian.

‘Await Further Instructions’ is set on Christmas day when a mysterious black substance surrounds the Milgram family house, trapping them inside. Something monumentally creepy is happening right outside their door, but what exactly? As the family quickly descend into terrified arguments, the TV glows with an ominous message: Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions. As the screen’s grip grows ever more sinister, their paranoia escalates into bloody carnage.

To buy tickets, click the following link: https://www.everymancinema.com/…/await-further-instructions…


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