?Speed is My Need? is in production

?Speed is My Need? is in production

We?re excited to share that our latest SEIS documentary ?Speed is My Need? is now in production.

In a world obsessed with health and safety, there remains one extremely dangerous sport. Unlike Formula 1 and motor car racing, motorcycle racing is becoming more – not less dangerous. Injury and death constantly lurk around the next daunting corner or misjudged twist of the throttle. The Isle of Man TT is notorious for ending careers or lives; and the ever-increasing performance of race bikes today has made them unsafe on established tracks. But the sport however, is not only attracting millions of spectators around the world – it is also seeing more amateurs risking life and limb to go ever-faster. Why?

?Speed is My Need? is a pulsating new film that not only seeks to understand the euphoria speed gives riders – it also asks what drives superbikers to risk everything.? With access to heroic racing footage and unbelievable crashes that look like ending careers or lives, our film sees how psychology and modern surgery has led to riders being back on track only weeks after crashing at over 200mph. From Barry Sheene to modern day MotoGP riders, ?Speed is My Need? discovers how and why sports psychologists and surgical experts across Europe are helping racers to endure long operations in order to fulfill their desire to race.


Claire Gerrard

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