The Budget Announcement 2016

The Budget Announcement 2016

budget 2016Following the announcement of the 2016 Budget Statement we can confirm the impact; if any, on Premiere?s products, is as follows:

Sovereign Corporate & Sovereign Estate

We have sought advice from our tax lawyers following the Budget and their advice is encouraging and that Premiere Picture?s Sovereign Corporate and Sovereign Estate business proposals are not adversely affected by the Budget.

The benefits from Sovereign Corporate will be enhanced from 6th April 2016 as:

With the changes to the taxation of dividends, Sovereign Corporate would be comparatively more attractive for investors.

The increase in the S455 rate for overdrawn Director?s Loan Accounts from 25% to 32.5% would improve the benefit of utilising Sovereign Corporate.


We also see nothing to reduce the effectiveness of Premiere Capital?s investment opportunities in EIS and SEIS company shares.

Obviously, this is subject to reviewing the draft legislation when it is published.

We think that this opinion from our tax lawyers is encouraging, and if you would like any clarification or material for yourself or your clients please do not hesitate to contact us.




Claire Gerrard

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