Hot off the press: Stills from ‘The Hatching’ set!

Hot off the press: Stills from ‘The Hatching’ set!

We have just received some great photos from the set of The Hatching featuring Justin Lee Collins in his acting d?but plus brilliant upcoming talent in the form of Thomas Turgoose (This is England), Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval) and Jack McMullen (Waterloo Road, The Knife That Killed Me).

The Hatching is shaping up to be a great film with some real talent both behind and in front of the camera. It is currently in post-production, we will keep you posted on its release. In the meantime for more updates check out the official Facebook page.

Genre: Black Comedy

Plot Summary: ?Does for the moors what Jaws did for beaches.?

On the death of his father, Tim Webber returns to his childhood village in Somerset to find something sinister is disturbing the idyllic peace of the villagers. As people disappear and gruesome body parts mount, the horrific truth emerges that crocodiles are hunting on the moors. As suspicion escalates, Tim is on the hook to make amends for his tragic teenage mistake years before. He’d better make it snappy though?


Claire Gerrard

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