The Times give ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ 4 stars!

The Times give ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ 4 stars!

Review: Wendy Ide

Star Rating: 4 stars

“An experimental British drama, The Knife That Killed Me takes a wellworn subject school bullying, knife violence and teen cliques and gives it a refreshing new spin.

The film, directed by Kit Monkman and the actor Marcus Romer, was entirely shot in front of a green screen. This voyage through the memories of teenager Paul Varderman (Jack McMullen), dealing with the events that lead up to his fatal stabbing, is handled with a densely inventive visual verve. Using overlayered text and graphics, the film looks unlike anything you will have seen before. However, without the grounding of a location, some of the performances feel overheated.”

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