Unmissable sexy British thriller starring Luke Evans!

Unmissable sexy British thriller starring Luke Evans!

Continuing in the tradition of crime classics like ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Snatch’, and featuring a cast of home-grown stars and up-and-coming talent including Joe Anderson and Luke Evans (the British actor currently taking over Hollywood!), ‘Flutter’ is the unmissable sexy thriller set in the tense world of gambling. This is British cinema at its best!

Flutter - Press Release‘Flutter’ follows chancer John (Joe Anderson) who lives for playing the odds and is always willing to take a calculated risks. But when he meets the mysterious and beautiful Stan (Anna Anissimova) he?discovers there?s much more to gambling than just greyhounds and horses.

Lured by her huge payoffs, John finds himself sucked into a surreal and dangerous world ruled by money, power and control. He?s about to find out that the stakes have never been higher?

‘Flutter’ adds its own dark twist to the urban crime world making it a killer addition to one of British cinema?s most entertaining and popular genres!

Dark, gritty and packed with surprises, ‘Flutter’ is one of modern British cinema?s true gems ? a crime thriller you can bet on.

‘Flutter’, out on DVD from Monday 3rd August 2015.


Claire Gerrard

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