Video Games Investment

Video Games Investment

We have exciting news!

As a part of Premiere?s strategic expansion, we have taken our first step in to the world of video gaming.

Dream Harvest gaming imageWith the support of our media consultant Authentic Media Productions, we successfully completed an equity fundraise amongst our investor clients for video games studio Dream Harvest Limited.

As well as being an exciting new business in its own right with a strong team and innovative concept, the up and coming studio recently received advanced assurance from HMRC under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) respectively. This indicates that the relevant investor?s shares should qualify for the generous tax benefits available under each scheme.

Dream Harvest is a self-described indie studio based locally to our offices in Brighton. And in case you didn?t already know, Brighton handily boasts?the 3rd largest number of games companies in the UK (behind only London and Manchester), whilst also being the UK’s most entrepreneurial city, with the highest proportion of ‘creative’ start up businesses. The bustling seaside city is also home to some of the world?s most successful video games businesses, including our neighbours Boss Alien. Boss Alien generated $168 million in Q3 2018 alone for one game and are currently developing the first mobile Star Wars game.

We are very passionate about this investment and collaboration and will bring you all the latest updates when we can. We also look forward to bringing you further opportunities from the video games sector as we develop our expertise, relationships and services in order to best support the sector. A number of discussions are going on currently in this regard, so be sure to watch this space for development!

More Information on Dream Harvest for the gamers amongst you

Dream Harvest build online, narrative driven, competitive experiences for PC and Consoles with a focus on real innovation and pushing genres in new directions. Their first title is NeuroSlicers, a cyberpunk real-time strategy game that combines Solo, Co-Op and PVP gameplay into a unified narrative driven campaign experience with the players, at the centre of an ever evolving story.

Dream Harvest?s founder Justin French recently presented at an Indie Game Studio Workshop in Barcelona and has converted his talk in to a great article on ‘Turning Your Community into an Extension of Your Team’. It has received a lot of positive feedback within the industry, with universities wanting to use it as a framework for coursework on their Gaming Courses. In addition, The Discord Community Management team have adopted it as a guideline and set of advisory topics for game studios they work with as well as their own team members. Plus games consultancy groups have requested a live stream.


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